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Road Design

One of the main services we provide is Road Design. From a simple

'island' of curbs till total reconstructions of roads and crossings.

Have a look at the Photo Gallery to see some examples of projects we

have done for our clients.

Sewer Design

Besides creating all the drawings for the construction of a new sewer,

including details, profiles, old situation, new situation etc...

AVE is providing in calculations and solutions to design the new sewer

including the amount of material needed for the project. 

Presentation drawing

Before creating the Construction drawings it's a good thing to create a Presentation drawing of how the new situation will look like.

A Presentation drawing makes it more visible for the people coming to the presentation to see what will change in their environment.

After finalizing the presentation drawing we will create the Construction

drawings of the project to realize it. 

Renovation drawings

If you are planning an extension to your house like building a garage,

dormer window or porch for some communes you do need professional

designed drawings to get the permission that is required. 

AVE provides in creating these drawings for you which you as well

could use for the constructor to realize it. 

Underground Infrastructure

When ever you needs to go 'underground' it's an abligation to have a

clear and correct overview of what kind of underground infrastructure is

present at that time. Making this infrastructure visible will you will see 

what obstructions could appear, for example with placing a new sewer.

We provide in underground infrastructure drawings to make this visible.

Standard Construction Details

Creating digital drawings of Standard Construction Details for your commune is a profen way to handle with the Standardization of materials

to be used, as well the solutions for common situation. 

Just give the detail to the constructor and he will know how you want it.

Have a look in the Project Gallery where you will find some examples.


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